Contribution to The Phoenix

In the 2012-2013 Academic Year, I was the Secretary of The Phoenix which was a literary magazine at my college that displayed poetry, short stories and artwork of others.  Here is my Interview with a participant of the Phoenix. Below you will be able to see my thoughts on The Phoenix as a contributor. If you click the link you will be able to see the whole edition on The Phoenix.


Interview with Joshua David Wright on “Hatred” and “Mistakes” by Ashley Miner,
Secretary of the Phoenix Literary and Arts Society student organization

Joshua David Wright (JDW): Hello Ashley, first I’d like to say thank you to the
board of the Phoenix members who go through the submissions, and for choosing to
publish mine.

Ashley Miner (AM): You are most welcome, Joshua. What is your program here at

JDW: I am in the process of entering the Renal Dialysis Technician program. I
started this year as my first time into college, hope to finish within three years.

AM: How long have you been writing poetry?

JDW: I’ve only just started recently within two years after my father passed
away; that is mainly where I came up with the “Pain” poem.

AM: What made you submit your pieces to the Phoenix?

JDW: It took a lot from me to submit them, or to even let someone read them. I’ve
grown from young age to hide in my shell, so nobody could hurt me after the years
of bullying throughout grade, middle, and some high school. Something about me
has changed with my English communications course this year, just something is
different about it, has gotten me to be more open and to express my own self
openly. Hopefully to be even more open than I have been so far.

AM: What inspired you to write “Hatred” and “Mistakes”?

JDW: With the poems I write, some of my personal life is what inspires it, or what I
witness around me. How others’ lives are, or what they have done in their lives, or
what has happened to them due to others.

AM: Would there be anything else you would like to add?

JDW: I’d like to add, my thanks for choosing to publish these pieces, as I get to
share my personal thoughts and feelings to others in the society who are gonna
take the time to actually read them.


Meet the Contributor, Ashley Miner:

I don’t really know exactly what to say about the Phoenix literary magazine but that I
love it. I’ve only really read the poetry and stopped and stared at the beautiful
pictures. Although I do love the fact that the picture came from someone else other than
the author of the poem and it still seems to coexist. That’s brilliant!

The Phoenix Literary Magazine 2012

^Click this link to go to The Phoenix^


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