Black Faces in High Places

This is the idea that made me decide to go through with my blog. Often times in the media when a black person is on the screen they are being portrayed negatively. Either they are uneducated or overly aggressive among other things. As a young girl, when I saw “good” black people on TV  they were playing sports or in movies.

This section of my blog will be used to highlight other things that black people do like own their own businesses, give back to their communities and portray positive images. They say if you don’t like something change it. So this is me doing my part to depict people of color in a positive light.


2 thoughts on “Black Faces in High Places

  1. Ms. Miner, you’re doing an awesome job and this is very encouraging. It’s time to do something different and remember if you don’t try, you will never know. I’m proud of you!!

    Ms. Tawanna F.

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