Sigma Tau Delta Induction

So tonight I went to the English Honor Society Induction. I was an inductee!!!. I am officially a member of the International English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta. Theta Xi is my chapter name. I was and still am super excited about the opportunities that will come about because of this and the people I will get to meet.

The Induction was great. There were seventeen inductees for this semester. I thoroughly enjoyed learning my fellow students career goals and aspirations and the quotes they loved  from Biblical quotes to Shakespeare, Malcolm X, Audre Lorde and even Big Sean, mine was from Henry Miller “Writing is its own reward”. I was inspired by all the quotes. It’s the reason why I came home and decided to post this entry. I have to keep the dream alive.

In that moment I knew I was supposed to be an English Major. With this major every one expects you to just become a teacher. It’s actually a tad bit annoying. Although I do hope to teach one day and if I decide to study abroad teaching is definitely my way in I love that I am exposed to all different types of literature. I get to perfect and hone in on grammar, mechanics and rhetoric (skills I feel that are needed in all fields). I also learn how to defend and express my arguments or beliefs based on evidence provided (sounds like I’m training to be a lawyer huh?) and enhance my critical thinking skills.

Almost all of the people inducted wanted to give back in some way shape, form or fashion. All wanted to use their gifts to educate, uplift and encourage. It was a proud moment. I was standing next to people who were on their way to becoming Principals, Novelists, Advisors, Teachers, Editors, Lawyers and possibly the next Poet Laureate just to name a couple of professions. There are so many jobs an English Major can get and have. I guess this is for me also, don’t let anyone tell you differently. This English Degree is a good place to start building from.


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