10 Things I’ve Learned In My Two Weeks As An Editor

I’m happy that I came across this article/blog entry/story. I started my blog with high hopes. Like yes! I’m going to do it! This will definitely put me on the map and instantly I became afraid after the first post. Wait I was afraid before posting the first post. I wanted to start a blog about things I felt needed to be said and shared and discussed. I also wanted to share a bit of  me but being a writer (in my mind and personal notebooks) and a journalist (former MATC Times Reporter) I was afraid someone would come across with a red pen and destroy me and all the confidence I was trying to summon to keep this hobby/dream going.
Oh yeah maybe I should’ve started this off with

Hello My Name is Ashley Miner and I’m addicted to fear.
Now that that’s out the way. I tend to let fear and certain insecurities stop me from doing things that I really want to do.

These are definitely the points that stood out to me.

#1 Punctuation Police.

I’ve found out that sometimes I turn into the punctuation police not to say I go looking but we all make mistakes so…

#4 Ryan O’ Connell said it best: “If writing for the Internet has taught me anything it’s that people are ANGRY & they need to take it somewhere they won’t have consequences.”

Another thing I was fearful of but oh well I guess it just comes with the territory. People talk mess in real life so of course there will be internet gangsters and blog mobsters. At least they checked out my blog right? In my mother’s words “Put your big girl panties on and do what you need to!”

# 7 You can’t be productive without something that sort of resembles a schedule.

For this point she went on to say that her blog was her blog and she could put whatever she wanted.  I needed to hear this (or read it at least). I’m also going to probably need to hear it over and over again. This blog is mine so I can put whatever on it is the attitude I definitely need to adopt (I’m working on it btw). The main point she was making though is that you definitely have to spend time on your craft. I understand that so for those days I don’t want to write or I’m lying in bed at night trying to fall asleep and I get that feeling that I should be writing, especially since sleep is not coming I’ll probably just get up and write it out. #LateNightsEarlyMornings

#10  It’s not always about what I think is important.

Here she made the distinction between blogging and journalism. When I was a reporter my editor gave me my stories and if I had an idea I had to get it approved. My blog gives me freedom to write what I want. It was kind of scary and liberating at the same time. In this case, I am my editor and Chief. Actually, that kind of feels good to say (or type but after I typed it I said it out loud so yea).


Thank you for writing this Ms.Bullets and Blessings. I really appreciated the advice even if it wasn’t directly directed at me.


Bullets and Blessings

So about a month ago as I was waiting inside the lobby of my job for my ride and I scrolled through my Yahoo inbox to see an e-mail from the deputy editor at MadameNoire.com titled “Weekend Editor Position”.  It turns out that the current weekend editor had some other obligations leaving the position open.  A little birdie otherwise known as the site’s awesome assistant editor had referred me noting that my writing was clean and after writing for the site for five years, I expressed wanting some growth in my writing career.

You may note that a little over a month ago with the start of the new year, one of the goals listed on my dream board stated, “I will not freelance forever, however, I will be a journalist, staff writer, editor or assistant editor.”  Now maybe I’m a little high on faith and the laws of attraction…

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